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The gallery allows collectors and art lovers to buy works of art in complete safety.

We highlight artistic talent, essentially based on painting.

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Artists can contact us to participate in an exhibition.

Do not hesitate to contact us through the contact page of our site, we will be happy to answer you quickly!

Claire, the director is at your disposal for any questions about the works or the next exhibitions organized.

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The artist of the moment


Above all a colorist, Bruno plays on the musicality of nuances.

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The activity of the gallery is essentially patronage, at the service of the artist.

The Master Art Gallery is a showcase for the talents of artists.

We help emerging artists to unveil their achievements.

For their part, enthusiasts and collectors will no longer have to travel to admire the artists' works of art.

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art3f living room

We exhibited in Monaco during the art3f Monaco show: On August 21, 22 and 23, 2020, it was a success!


Kybalion Artist

Last exhibition with artist Kybalion in Deauville was with ArtShopping

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Qu’est ce que le Street Art ?

What is Street Art?

“ Street Art, or urban art, is a contemporary artistic movement. It is all forms of art produced in the street or in public places and encompasses...

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