Bring your walls to life with our works of art

The Master Art Gallery is a showcase for the talents of artists. We help emerging artists to unveil their achievements. For their part, enthusiasts and collectors will no longer have to travel to admire the artists' works of art.

The mission of “Le maître art gallery”

"Promoting talented artists", that's what "The Master Art Gallery" offers. We are, indeed, an online art gallery whose main mission is to reconcile your passion with investment in art without taking risks. In other words, we allow artists to exhibit their paintings and buyers to discover different interesting works without taking a big risk.
Don't wait any longer to decide! Contact us to exhibit your painting works of art or to acquire a painting that interests you without having to travel. You can do this by filling out our online contact form. If you are a buyer, you can immediately reserve your item on our site. We will send your painting to you as soon as possible.

What is the point of exhibiting your works with us?

At "The Master Art Gallery", we attract potential and passionate customers to visit our site. For emerging artists, exhibiting works in our gallery is an excellent opportunity to build an image and gain popularity in the art market.

Experts and collectors also visit our online art gallery to find rare pieces for their collection or for profit. Thus, by exhibiting your works at "Le maître Art Gallery", you also optimize your chances of finding buyers and of successfully selling your masterpiece at fair value.

Like the major art galleries, "The Master Art Gallery" also helps to increase your notoriety. Thus, we help you to increase your rating and give importance to your works of art in the eyes of visitors.
In addition, exhibiting your works in our gallery allows you to benefit from the different appreciations of art connoisseurs. You will be able to use relevant reviews to improve your next achievements.

Invest in works of art

Whatever the style and image of the paintings in your possession, it always reflects a story or a very specific idea. Besides, the works of art remain a personalized touch for your interior decoration.
Express your personality through your works of art and be proud of your acquisition resulting from a unique creation.

Investing in works of art is also an interesting investment because it allows you to enjoy a good return on investment. Indeed, the value of paintings generally increases over the years. Not to mention the fact that your investment cannot fall victim to inflation. A resale a little later allows you to benefit from a good return.

Very often, wealth management experts recommend works of art signed by great artists. Nevertheless, it should be noted that emerging artists can also present opportunities not to be missed. These works of art can indeed be re-evaluated and increase in value over time.

The different types of paintings we exhibit

At "Le maître Art Gallery", we exhibit all types of paintings. Among the art collections available on our walls, you can discover:

  • Figurative art: figurative art lovers and art collectors can admire and acquire works that represent the sensitive aspect of beings and things at "Le maître Art Gallery".
  • Contemporary art: also discover contemporary paintings on our walls, that is to say, works produced from 1945 to the present day. Whether it's a design painting, an abstract landscape, a flower painting or another style of painting, we have many paintings that are sure to amaze you.
  • Futurist painting: amateurs will be seduced by our collections of futuristic paintings characterized by the search for the pictorial expression of movement.

Different painting techniques

Several possibilities currently exist for applying paint to a canvas. In general, artists use flat brushes or brushes for their achievements.
However, other techniques can also be adopted:

  • Knife painting: this accessory is available in different shapes (short, elongated, pointed, trapezoid, etc.). It allows you to perfectly spread the thick paint on the canvas and deposit the paint strokes in a specific place. For painting with a knife, the paste should be dense and thick.
  • Trowel painting: this technique makes it possible to create unique and textured effects on the canvas. To do this, several types of painting trowels exist. They are presented in various forms.

With regard to paints, several types are also used for the design of paintings:

- Watercolor painting;
- Gouache;
- Acrylic paint;
- Oil painting.

What is the Akoun rating?

In 1985, Jacques-Armands Akoun published for the first time "La Côte des Peintres" which brings together and situates the works of painters. Very quickly, this book became a guide for situating emerging painters. This is where the Akoun quotation was born.

In the same way as the marks of the pupils at school, the Akoun quotation consists in noting a work of art for a given format, the format 65x50 cm or 15P being the reference.

Auctioneers, museum curators, painters and various buyers then use the "Côte des Peintres" in the context of the sale or acquisition of paintings.

How to get an Akoun quote from your board? Simply by registering on the dedicated site. The Akoun committee then proceeds to estimate your talent. The Akoun coast is also an interesting element for potential buyers. Indeed, it allows you to appreciate the canvas at its fair value.